FACS (Facial Action Coding System) is an anatomically based tool to measure facial expressions in an objective, standardised manner. It uses codes to identify facial movements, AUs (Action Units), caused by underlying facial muscle contractions and addtional head and eye movements, ADs (Action Descriptors).

To become a certified user, the manual must be studied carefully to pass the following test. While learning to discriminate and identify AUs and ADs the detailed viewing of the video clips is essential, as the system is based on facial movement and not on stills.

AU 0 AU12  © Manuela Lembeck

left: AU 0                                right: AU12

To access the GibbonFACS Manual please contact Manuela Lembeck ( for a free password. Afterwards click here to download the pdf-file (please note: if you are a Mac-User, you first need to install Adobe Reader in order to watch the embedded videos in the downloaded manual file). However, if you have problems with opening the file or watching the video clips, don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Once you have completed the GibbonFACS training, please contact us again for the test instructions and a free password to get access to the GibbonFACS certification test.